Log Book of my Milk Punch Craze

Log Book of my Milk Punch Craze

I’m a longtime fan of clarified Milk Punches. I love the smooth texture, the powerful taste and the weak alcoholic strength. Milk Punch dates back nearly three centuries and has gone in and out fashion. Over the years, the recipe has been tested and adjusted.

After attending the Blessed Ones’ workshop about how to make Milk Punch I started to make my first one. The result, it is easy to make and fascinating to watch. I would say that I am a bit obsessed now and many flavour combinations are coming to my mind. Also, I have many open bottles and samples at home that I haven’t touched for years. Milk Punch can be made from almost any spirit and combined with nearly everything, the best way to recycle all the “leftovers”.

On the one hand, milk punch is easy to make but on the other it also needs experience and patience. And not all things that in theory taste good in my imagination taste good in practice.

As you might already have assumed I tried to make an Aviation but that was more like a cherry marzipan potion that, by the way, my mother enjoyed, but didn’t hit the character of an Aviation. Anyway, I will chronicle my trials and errors from now on. Maybe you have some suggestions and recipes, they are warmly welcome. Cheers!

Dear Diary …

Saturday, 24.11.2018 //  Flower Power

I got a sample of flavoured green tea. Creamy sweet, just like a Christmas cookie the salesman said. I made a cold brew for 4 hours in water and then infused the gin with the leaves for another two hours. Tea and Gin together asked for a kick. A bottle of white port whispered to me: Drink me.

300 ml Gin
100 ml White Port
350 ml Cold brew Tea
2 tblsp. Sugar
100 ml Citric Acid (1 squeezed lemon and 1/2 tablespoon citric acid)
250 ml Soymilk light

Same procedure and resting time as always. 24 hours is the minimum. The soymilk clarifies almost on its own. This was easy to make and a very elegant mix. Green tea with fragile flowers and gin is perfect to play with and surprise.

Note to me:

I have to make more!!!

Thursday, 22.11.2018 // Tealicious

I have a tasty violet black tea at home. Heat brings out the bitter flavours in tea. So, I made a cold brew with three times more tea leaves than for a hot brew. I let the tea infuse the water for 10 hours. Then I mixed:

300 ml Gin
100 ml Cherry Eau de Vie
350 ml Cold Brew Tea
2 tablespoons Sugar
1 tablespoon Amarena syrup
250 ml Almond milk

It was the first time that I used Almond milk and it worked perfectly.  Less cheese more liquid and the separation happened very quickly.

Note to me:

Clarified Aviation is hard to make. Almond milk has a taste and influences the drink. I have to try soymilk.

 Tuesday, 20.11.2018 // Still in a smokey mood

There are still 300 ml Vin Santo in the bottle and there is also a Lagavulin waiting to be drunk. Let’s use soy milk this time and grate the ginger. Instead of sugar, I use honey.

300 ml Vin Santo
150 ml Water
300 ml Lagavulin 16y
4 cm grated Ginger
2 tablespoons Honey
250 ml Soymilk light

Resting time of the punch base mix overnight. Resting time of the punch milk mix 24 hours. The soymilk clarifies almost on its own. My straining procedure consists of 4 steps: I take the clear part and strain the cheese part. I pour the result of the cheese part again into the filter with the cheese and then pour the clear part (I took first) on top. The cheese part is doing the clarification.

Note to me:

Less sweet but also very powerful. Ginger and peat, sweet and smokey is a good combo.

Monday, 19.11.2018 // I am in a smokey mood today

I’ve had this almost empty bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail in the cupboard for three years now. I was thinking of a Penicillin. I also found a bottle of Vin Santo in the kitchen. Ginger, I always have at home. You can imagine what’s coming now?!

250 ml Ardbeg Uigeadail
300 ml Vin Santo di San Gimignano Guicciardini Strozzi 2006
250 ml Orange Juice
3 tablespoons of Sugar
4 cm chopped Ginger
250 ml Full-fat Milk

I let the punch mix rest for 6 hours and then put the mix in the milk. Resting time 24 hours. Wow, the result is amazing. Peaty with sweet sherry notes. Very good

Note to me:

Expensive variation of a penicillin but absolutely delicious.

Saturday, 17.11.2018 // Aquamazing Milk Punch

On Friday I felt a bit uncomfortable and made a tea for myself. While smelling the fennel, caraway, anise mix I had the idea to try a new milk punch. I put together:

300 ml Linie Aquavit
300 ml Tea
2 tablespoons of honey dissolved in the hot tea
150 ml Apple Juice
3 cm Chopped Ginger
100 ml Lemon Juice
250 ml Full-fat Milk

As always I mixed first the punch and then poured the punch mix into the milk. Resting time for the curdling process 24 hours. I set up the straining process three times.

Note to me:

I think cow milk has a purer taste than soy milk and it seems a bit sweeter. But compared to soy milk there is more cheese in the filter. Additionally, the cheese absorbs more liquid. I have to try almond milk next.


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