Currently my two favorite bars

Currently my two favorite bars

Social drinking was the topic of this week. On Wednesday I took a colleague to a bar, the other day I was at another bar with some business customers and today I was with a guy I met in the Galander bar weeks before. On my travels around the bar world I often meet other people who appreciate good drinks.

First destination was my new favorite bar in my area Bar Zentral. The ambience is great, the drinks are classical, the stuff is far far away of self-glorification and arrogance that has become a bad habit these days. This is a relaxing oasis. I had two rock solid drinks, a “Boulevadier” and a ” Corpse Reviver No.2″. But to revive my corpse it needed a solid basisof the capital classic curried sausage with chips.

Immertreu is at the moment the best bar for classical and rock-solid drinks. It‘s an institution and everybody who likes cocktails and comes to Berlin should at least visit this place once. The ability to hold your drink is also quite useful because the drinks are really tough. The “Seelbach” and “Mother in Law” were both made with a lovely Noah’s Mill that is bottled at 57.15 vol %. I vaguely remember the end oft he night but I assume it was great at all 😉

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