Disappear here

Disappear here

The main focus of this bar trip was more on people than on the drinks. I went with a colleague to the exhibition of Anton Corbijn in the Amerikahaus. Close by you can find the Bar Zentral. I already mentioned and praised this bar at work and that was a good opportunity to introduce it. The bar offers great and classical drinks, the ears are always treated very well and the ambience is comfy as well as the bar stools. The bar team is without any “star-tender” attitudes. The new neon sign “Disappear here” is very nice.

My firNeue Kartest drink of choice was a “Boulevadier” a classical drink and a cousin of a Negroni because the gin is replaced by bourbon the rest is the same. My colleague tried the “Luigi Cocktail”, followed by a “Ford Cocktail” for me and a “Dr. Sokola” for her. We shared a beer to refresh our minds because after the high-proof drinks. On the way to the toilets I met our German Rum Ambassador and the brand ambassador of The Real McCoy. The focus suddenly changed to rum based drinks and the night turned out to be a long one.

Here an impression of the exhibition:





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