Gin & Whisky

Gin & Whisky

My second favorite bar in Athens is The Gin Joint. The large cabinet with a countless number of Gins, the old tiles and the small bar counter with comfortable chairs creates a nice and feel-good ambience. There is much to be discovered here without looking cluttered. You never run out of water and some nibbles will be served as well. The bar team works professionally and is incredible plaesant, you will fell comfy and in good hands. Today the second week of the Premium Juniper Meetings started with a Celery Gin and Fever Tree Tonic decorate with a melon slice and some strawberry pearls. A nice dry combination. It happened on serveral occasions that I met some famous personalities in this bar. Suddenly Michael Menegos stood right behind me whom I already experienced behind this bar during my last visit in Athens. “Barstalking” really makes fun like this. With another stamp in my Juniper Passport we moved on to a Whiskybar.

I would say that there are two Whiskybars in Greece. One is Spinte in Thessaloniki and the other one is CV Distiller in Athens. I visited this bar already on my first trip und felt in love with it immediately. It had been a lazy sunny day with a yummy meal at a Greek taverna. Beside my bar trip I am also on holiday 😉 According to this lovely day the night was quite gentle and perfect for a tiny Whisky. My company hadn’t visited this bar so far and got really thrilled by the selection of whisky and the ambience. A huge wall packed with whiskies from many countries surrounded by a bowed bar counter with comfortable and twistable bar stools are the centrepiece of this space. Dark wood, leather and some works of art creates a slightly elegant character. Our place of choice was at the bar. The bartender actually remembered me and mainly the drinks I had last time. He repeated my description of the Old Pultney I tried at this place for the first time. This evening was already perfect! The menu of the cocktails is new, nicely arranged and the drinks have their individual twists. First eye catcher was “The Nightcap” because of the usage of coffee bitters. It is a whisky based drink with portwine, raspberry syrup and coffee bitters. It was served with a big ice ball and a frozen raspberry. Beside the water an assortment of delicious nuts and chocolate had been served as well. Usually I am not a big fan of nuts but they were big, nicely roasted and amazing. For the next drink I opted for a classical Brooklyn, well balanced. What a wonderful night this had been.

Those who love Gin are in good hands at The Gin Joint, the selection is outstanding. For those who love Whisk(e)y CV Distiller is the place to visit and don’t forget to ask for the treasures in the basement.


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