Girls night at the bar Pauly Saal with good barfood

Girls night at the bar Pauly Saal with good barfood

We went on a walk through the district “Mitte” of Berlin when we felt like having a tasty drink. I didn’t planned a bar night, so I was dressed very casual and we both had no idea where to go.  Suddently I remembered the shelf full of nice alcohol of the bars restaurant “Pauly Saal”. I passed the window when I had been at the “Mogg & Melzer” for their yummy pastrami sandwiches. I liked the dark green wall color at first sight and that caught my eye for the spirit.

We turned around the corner and entered the former Jewish school for girls. It was quite early and so it wasn’t busy. Enough space to take a seat at the bar. The background music was very nice in the beginning but turned into boring lounge music after the bar got packed. There was a mixed crowd of people in different age groups smartly dressed. I felt a bit underdressed but the crowd was behind me so I didn’t felt affected by that.

My Aha moment of this night came when I took a seat on the bar stool and could very easily place my arms on the bar. Seating was very comfortable. The bar counter can sit around six people. There is also a huge lounge area with brandy colored leather sofas and small tables. I already mentioned the nice green wall color that gives the room a look and feel of a british gentlemens club of the 20th or 30th. The decoration and the pictures are rather elegant and the Persian carpet creates a comfortable ambience. The menu itself is simple and well-organised. Outstanding is the bar food of course we are in a restaurant.

 My expectation wasn’t very high on cocktails at this place. Focus of that experience was to have a comfy girls chat with some snacks and some light drinks. And that was exactly what we had.

The snacks were delicious, the bread was still warm, the quantity was perfect. The drinks were okay and the bartender really tried to serve the right drinks for us. I was a bit surprised when I notices the ice cubes in the “Mother in Law” of my neighbor and also a bit confused when I notices that the bartender looked up classical drinks on his smartphone. He explained me that all bartender do so.  I have never noticed that before and to be honest I do not believe that. Anyway, this is not a classical cocktail bar. First drink I took was the longdrink „Captain Kidd“. Refreshing but not full of flavour like expected. The drinks are moderate and adjusted to the palate of the guests of the restaurant. S. hat the “Beetween the Sheets” and she also starts to get the idea behind cocktails.  I asked for a classic with Gin and we continued with a Genever based “Martinez”. Last drink was a Mezcal based cocktail including Creme de Cacao, lime, Orange Bitters and the glass was sprayed out with Absinth. A bit too sweet for me but overall I was pleased. We never ran out of water and the service was very good.


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