Hanky Panky at the Salut Bar

Hanky Panky at the Salut Bar

This is a short story about the “Hanky Panky” at Salut Bar. The ingredients had a bit of hanky-panky in the barrel for a while and merged into a sultry concoction. The drink became smoother and the herbal notes less edgy than freshly stirred together. Tangueray Gin, Carpano Classico and Fernet Branca had five weeks to get used to each other. On a regular basis the mixture had been tasted and at the exactly right time the content went from the barrel to a bottle.

 The result is a „Barrel Aged Hanky Panky“. Quite easy with a little individuality.

This version tasted delicate, herbal with a light sweetness and came cold-stirred with a dash of Angostura and the oil of an orange zest on top . The drink itself is a matter of taste. My company took a sip and said: “It tastes too brown for me and to adult.” Of course the drink is dark and the recipe is a hundred years old. Ada Coleman created the Hanky Panky in the 20s at the American Bar of the Savoy Hotel in London for a famous guest. His comment on that drink gave it the name: “By Jove. That is the real Hanky Panky!”

As we enjoyed our drinks on that warm summer night I was watching the preparation of homemade falernum syrup. I already tried some homemade stuff in Frankfurt and also some purchased ones. Somehow I forgot about it but the bartender kindly reminded me with a „Royal Bermuda Yacht Club“. You will find a lot of homemade products at this place and it is worth it to discover. Salut, see you soon.

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