Heaven I‘am in heaven … ♬

Heaven I‘am in heaven … ♬

When I am writing my posts I go through the adventures again and this night was absofuckinglutly unbelievable and thrilling and difficult to put in words. If you could see me now you would notice a satisfied and happy smile on my face.

Alex Kratena is a fucking bartender rock star for me and I already knew that he is in town and will come to this bar after the Beefeater Competition. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the Artesian and only observed him from the distance on the Berlin Bar Convent. First of all congratulations to the wonderful barmaid of the Gin Joint for winning the Beefeater Award. Elias from Baba Au Rum and his lovely girlfriend were also attending. To kickoff the evening I started with a Negroni and then Alex Kratena entered the bar. “I approached my target” and welcomed him in Czech. I know a few words because a spend some time in Prague. Next surprise was Michael Menegos dressed in the Travelling Mixologists uniform, he is also a famous bartender and global ambassador. Suddenly another Alex appeared in the crowd. A friend of Ricardo and also a famous Greek bartender. That was unbefuckinglievable and mind-boggling. I hugged Alex Kratena goodbye serveral times because it was impressive and of course I was tipsy.

 The night ended in Baba Au Rum with a Daquiri and the answer to everything is that Thanos inspired and brought up the bar scene how it is today. He is the perfect host and he is a wonderful person.

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