Last bar visit of my adventure in Athens

Last bar visit of my adventure in Athens

The sun went down, I had visited a new bar and wanted to spend my last night in The Gin Joint. Each visit was a highlight so far and as I already mentioned a small feel-good oasis. It was a bit late and that was why only a few guests were around. I asked for the drink I had at my very first visit. Fortunately I chronicle the drinks I usually have in a bar in this blog. „The Fragrant Sour“ is a variation of an Gin Sour with a touch of vanilla and some dashes of Aphrodite Bitters. The Gin & Tonic yesterday was nice but after the bar I visited before, I was yearning for a proper cocktail glass. The Bartender by the way is very kind, sometimes a bit serious but I really love his laughter that is infectious. His shaking technique looks easy and relaxed. The whole barteam is working in a very relaxed and pleasant way. The Bartender said goodbye with the words “see you next month ;)”. I think I cannot make it within the next month but there will be definitly more adventures in Athens.

A propos, this bartender has just won a competition and is looking forward to the final in Mexico. You also can find tequila in this bar, prepared in a award-winning way.

Summary of this week:

 My love to Baba Au Rum remains unchallenged. Consistent quality and always surpising.

Gin is best enjoyed at The Gin Joint and Whisky at CV Distiller.

Unfortunately I didn’t say goodbye to all the wonderful people. It was late and the alcohol already entered my brain … Thank you so much for this adventure and see you soon.

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