Last night and I did everything right🍸

Last night and I did everything right🍸

I started the last night with burger and chips to have a solid basis for the upcoming drinks. My most important question: where to go first? I havn’t been to The Gin Joint so far and so I went there. When I entered the bar I found the owner of Baba and his lovely company sitting at the bar counter. What a nice coincidence and pleasant surprise. We had a couple of Gin based drinks and I had “Negroni” from the tap. Nicely chilled and savory.

The Gin Joint is an important place in my barstalker career. I saw many famous and interesting people like Alex Kratena and Michael Menegos there. And I met Alexander Sourbatis for the first time. I continued my goodbye trip together with T. and K. to Kolokotroni 9.  Both had to try the drink “In the Pine”. I am the only one who is really affected by it.  My last night ended where it began at Baba au Rum together with persons who have inspired me come to Athens.

Speakeasy zum AbschlußThe very last bar I did that night was the Speakeasy Bar. A hidden bar behind a house entrance accessed only by ringing a bell. After the door is open you go downstairs and enter a prohibition era. Straight drinks will be served, decent music suitable for nice conversation. An insider tip?

Without any sleep I went to the airport. I survived a hard drinking week. My liver and I glad that my favorite bars at home are not within walking distance. I enjoyed life and celebrated myself, spent time with wonderful people and need now some sleep.

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