Mallorquin Girls Night

Mallorquin Girls Night

This wednesday I was honored to enjoy Matias Iriarte Turnes as a guest bartender in the Bryk Bar. He partly owns Mallorca`s GINBO Bar and also represents Thomas Henry in Spain. Those facts should contribute this evening to become a good one. My colleague and me celebrated our 2nd girlie evening in the Bryk Bar. Since we entered the place a bit earlier we got the chance to chat with Cordula Langner in a relaxed athmosphere. I was looking forward to enjoy this evening also because I consider Cordula as a great barmaid. Her awesome drinks, her not-misbehaving-character (meaning not charishing the own person more than the guests), her hospitality qualities and competencies in bartending let the time fly until Matias was finished with his preparations – and they were worth waiting. Before the official beginning of his guest bartending I decided for a Negroni variation with the Faradai I already had on my last visit. This spirit is really something special, a refreshing black tea basis with a tingling feeling on the tongue like licking a battery.

But then the evening with Matias could begin officially. The GINBO bar`s menu is a LP “The Soultenders”. The drinks can be found on the LP and the cover which also shows some photo box looking funny pictures of the bar owners. Own creations with hand crafted ingridients like vinegar essences and liquorice syrup.

 I believe that it is difficult to present the concept of the own bar in another one. Therefore the drinks have to speak for themselves. And they definitly conviced me.

The very kind and easy going bartender brought the decision in my mind to visit Palma soon. Soultender sounds beautiful and describes the heart and soul filling the evening perfectly. The Bryk Bar was a fitting location for Matias because the guests could have a relaxing evening with well mixed drinks. I am glad that a change in staff took place in the bar recently.

Concluding, which drinks did I have. The “Dangerous” of the menu is a variation of a Negroni with Mezcal. Afterwards the “In the air tonight” surprised me with the self made liquorice syrup which was mouthwatering. My colleague decided for a drink which was served in a small plastic bag and was spiced with cherry vinegar: “Garota de Impanema”. A perfect drink for a hot summer night. All drinks were refreshing and provided a well balanced taste. All in all an easy going evening with the taste of sunny Palma. Thank you Cordula and Matias.

Editor’s note: Translation provided by my lovely company

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