No. 22 on the the World’s 50 Best Bars List

No. 22 on the the World’s 50 Best Bars List

Early this evening I went to The Clumsies. I passed their huge window the last days several times but there wasn’t a seat available at the bar counter so I decided to postpone the visit. Now my time had come and I pushed past two girls and snatched a seat alongside the bar. A bit sceptical and exited I browsed through the menu and decided to ask the bartender for a recommendation. First the bartender asked me about my favorite drink and which one I don’t like. My answer “Mother in Law” and I would never drink a “Gin Basil Smash”. The handsome bartender dressed in a leather apron presented me a color range and showed me four drinks out of this range.

Every drink was referred to a color and on the backside you will find a nice quote fitting the drink. My first choice was the purple one called “Walking with Colors”. A Mixture of a Martini and an Old Fashioned with truffle-flavor. The bartender asked if I like the drink and I admitted that I didn’t get the truffles. So he offered me a sample of the truffles infused vermouth. This woke up my taste buds and I noticed the delicate aroma and a pleasant taste.

 I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.

Quote by Alice Walker

Second drink was the „Mirror Eyes“. Sweet and salty at the same time due to the cheese flavor. Generally the Greeks have a sweet tooth. Of course I already prepared myself for this visit and I knew that upstairs is where things get serious. The Clumsies is located in a tiny house with an open patio, spacy and light with nice coffee and snacks during the day and a clubby atmosphere and a serious bar in the evenings. It is an own special world, a kind of fairytale world I would say. It is also a bar amongst the World’s best and I wasn’t prepared for the hospitality. Vassilis Kyritsis, Greeks World Class Winner 2012, took me to the higher level and showed me the lab and the room with a pool table. I was blown away! He served me a “Strawberry Daiquiri”. It goes without saying that the service was perfect, same the water service and the nibbles.

 This is one of my adventures showing me that it’s worth it to live my passion.

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