Social Drinking

Social Drinking

This post is about going out with customers. We have a very nice customer and to foster our relationship we had the idea to visit the bar Lost in Grub Street. I already reported them about the concept and they also read an artical in a food magazine about it. This place is perfect for social drinking and business conversation while pouring punch into each others glasses with a silver ladle. We took a seat in the separee integrated in the wall, with low level lights, comfy sofas and initimate atmosphere. The centerpiece of this location is not a bar counter, it is the bar trolley equiped with handcrafted distillates from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

 You get awesome bar food and outstanding short drinks.

The small plates are served on wooden boards and come with amazing German bread. We had a lot of fun to grill a Chorizo saugage over a tin that has been cut open. We all tried the so called “Short Drinks”, small cocktails based on the handcrafted distillates. The taste experience is outstanding because they use their own flavor to support the drinks. This was my first experience with social drinking and it was okay so far. Not everybody understands the handicraft or the art of mixology but the bartender explained everything in a very patient and easy way.

Basically the evening was planned to end a bit earlier … but we moved on to the bar meisterschueler. I already knew the bars from stories and I met one of the bartenders lately in another bar. The long opening hours fitted this event and it was also located close by.  It is a gallery and a bar at the same time, so you can enjoy art and drinks together with a terrific view of the Spree river. The bar counter is located in the middle of the room and can be accessed from all sides. It is a huge white table and the bottles are placed just on top. Nice selection of booze, a bit too much vodka in my eyes but fine for this night. The bartenders are dressed in black shirts with red braces and sleeve covers, so you are able to identify them as staff. There is also a upper and lower level but I didn’t check that. I took a closer look to the extensive menu. You can get all sorts of drinks and cocktails, also the serious ones (for me). My drink of choice was a tequila because I received the book „The Tequila Ambassador“ from my customer as a gift. This book wasn’t available anymore, so an edition of 1.500 copies had been reprinted. Around 4 o’clock in the morning we took a taxi back to our places. The good thing about drinking high-quality spirits is that you do not suffer the next day.

According to the topic “social drinking” the bar adventure continued. A colleague from my former company attended a conference in Berlin so we took the opportunity to meet. We started with a meat based dinner at Chicago Williams BBQ. My companies favorit spirit is rum and the meisterschueler has a nice selection of rum as I noticed the day before. It was also located close by, so again a visit at this bar. The bar is down-to-earth, the service is impeccable and the drinks are simple and solide. We had four drinks, each. I had a Boulevadier, tried a Mother in Law, a Sazerac and a Margarita. Except for the Mother in Law all drinks were nicely balanced and pleasant. It was a great evening with my colleague and time to say goodbye. On my way home I got lost in Grub Street again 😉

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