The Trap – Tricky Bar?

The Trap – Tricky Bar?

One visit is sometimes not enough to obtain a complete picture. Depending on the weekday it is more or less busy. So, it was a quiet monday night and only a few guests around. This bar has already opened a few months ago but on my last visit it was crowded and then I didn’t make it afterwards.

The bar The Trap is located at the end of a corridor between two houses. There are small round tables and chairs outside in the corridor and a few more seats in the interior space. At the top of the room you will find the bar counter. Gold and brass are the dominant colors, the style reminded me of Art déco, definitly of some French style. The ceiling has some stucco elements and nice paintings. Obviously my place of choice was at the bar. The bar stools looked not stable at all and as I took a seat I nearly tipped over. The floor, that is a very nice wooden floor by the way, is uneven and the chairs are wobbeling. When I was looking for the hook below the bar counter I found some sockets. Very handy and hopefully not dangerous.

A water service was right there when I found my spot at the bar. I was handed the menu by the nicely dressed bartender wearing a brownish bar jacket. Fitted the style of the bar. The menu was clearly grouped, eight interesting cocktails and two from the tap. After the revival of bottle-aged cocktails more and more bars serve cocktails from tap. That is easy like quickly tap a beer. I ordered a “Le Fou Gaston”. The mixture of a smoky, salty Whisky and a sherry sounded promising. My company went for the “Beast” rounded off with a PX sherry. I was really surprised by the choice of the glasses. If you look at the pictures it seems like we had a wine spritzer and a whiskey cola. That is a no-go for a cocktail bar. Particularly in view of the fact that there are some tumblers in the backboard. Also you can find an antique sink in the wall and some other nice decoration around. Apart from that I have already heard and read a lot of good reports, so my expectation was high and the disappointment correspondingly higher. Certainly there are better days. In between a bowl with nut mix had been served, the water had been refilled and the bartender asked if everything was okay.

 Drinks are just that: interesting and definitely deserve better glasses. In the end I would say I am not trapped.

As of tomorrow there will be a new menu with more drinks and different categories and hopefully also better music. My ears were treated with a wild mix of African sound, Hip Hop and whatever. The toilets made it a bit easier to handle my disappointment. They were tidy, perfumed and had big golden mirrors.



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